Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fathers and Sons/ Father and Family

A few years ago when attending the ENOCH home schooling conference we discovered the Alert Cadets which is a wonderful organization with the aim of "Assisting fathers to win and keep the hearts of their 8-17 year old sons". A father and his son(s) work through the Basic Training Manual, on completion of which they can apply for membership and order their uniforms. This Basic Training Manual involves activities the father and son(s) do together like establish regular physical exercises to cultivate a healthy body and an active lifestyle, regular Bible reading, scripture meditation and memorization and spiritual journaling - all of which cultivate a strong and healthy relationship with our Creator and Savior under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Also promoted is undertaking service projects - helping others where needed to help us be less selfish and show others the love of God.

I believe this involvement in the Alert Cadet movement is helping me also to grow more and more into the role of the priest of our house. I believe God is busy doing a great work in us, helping me to become the father and husband my family and wife needs and I desire to be for them. My family and their relationship with the LORD is important and I am rising to the challenge with the help of our heavenly Father. It also goes hand in hand with another life-changing experience we've had when we've had the pleasure of attending a teaching by Sam Bakther John, the president of the Timothy Program International in India. He taught on family from the Hebrew perspective and this is a topic that I will discuss in one or more blog entries soon to follow. I am enrolled in this program developed by Dr. Karl Coke and through it God has begun something very exciting in our lives and we also thank God for these two great men as well as for Pastor Edwin Felicie from Jackson, NJ who is leading a monthly Bible study to expound on and reinforce the teachings contained in this course.

I have also recently bought a copy of the wonderful book "Raising a Modern Day Knight" by Robert Lewis, which was strongly recommended by some of the other fathers in the Alert Cadet Unit and which I can also now not recommend strongly enough. This book is truly inspiring and I became so excited that I just had to read some passages to my wife but in some cases I couldn't finish doing so without becoming emotional. I know that I will have to read and re-read this inspired and inspiring book, allowing God to work in me to the advantage of my son and my relationship with him. I want to set an example to him of what a godly man is so that he can grow up and follow this example and I also want to set an example to my two daughters of what they should be looking for in a man.

In this book four characteristics of what a godly man is, are given by contrasting the first Adam with the last Adam (Jesus Christ):
  • Rejecting passivity
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Leading courageously
  • Expecting and working for the greater reward
These characteristics fit in very well with the goals of the Alert Cadet movement. Just knowing these four points is not enough, though. You just have to get the book, read it and apply the principles it expounds for yourself. May God bless you on this journey that will help transform our society for the better by producing godly men who will show themselves, their sons and families and the world what it means to be a real man and father as God intended.


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