Monday, September 3, 2012

Grace - The Forbidden Gospel

Grace - The Forbidden Gospel
Andre van der Merwe
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The gospel of grace (that was first given to Paul in a revelation from God - Galatians 1:12) shook the foundations of the religious world of his day. Paul preached a different message than Jesus, but for a good reason: They were living under different covenants. Jesus condemned the religious Pharisees and Scribes for trying to uphold their own “watered down” version of the law, but He showed compassion to sinners. Paul understood that Christ was the fulfillment of the law and he preached God’s love and acceptance apart from trying to uphold the law’s requirements. Both were however persecuted for their message by the religious leaders of their day. This is why “religion” is rightfully considered today by many (especially non-believers) as one of the most destructive forces on the planet.

"With clarity and efficiency Andre rips the lid off confusing scriptures and shines such brilliant light upon them that will fill you with edge-of-your-chair excitement. I guarantee you that all through this book you will be saying "Wow, I've read that scripture so many times before but have never understood it like this!" Ryan Rufus - Pastor, City Church International, Hong Kong

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