Thursday, August 9, 2012

Carpe Diem!

I am reminded again
that I so often stand still,
because I am hoping, wishing, waiting and longing for:
“things to change”
“something to happen”
“someone special to encourage me”
“more time”
“more energy”
“more money”
“less stress”
…..then….then I will be truly happy !

And so I hope, wait, wish, and long my life away….

It’s so easy
to get caught in the spiderweb of everyday-demands,
responsibilities, stress and emergencies.

It’s so easy to
deny responsibility for my own choices,
And ultimately for who I am, where I am, what I am….

It’s so easy
to withdraw behind walls, thinking that they are for my own protection,
but in reality they are preventing me from experiencing life.

It’s so easy
to look outside myself to find the so-called “reasons”
for my unhappiness, depressed mood, low energy,……. 
But in reality all the “reasons” for these are completely within my control.

It is within my control
to face whatever every day brings with a smile and enthusiasm!!!

It is within my control
not to allow daily stress to overpower me,
but rather to “use” it to my own advantage.

It is within my control
to keep the “glasses” through which I view life, clean, clear and fresh.

It is within my control
to dream out loud !!!

Most of all,
it is within my control
to make God the center of my being.

No more walls, no more spiderwebs, no more roler-coasters!

Every wall is an opportunity to improve strength,
every spiderweb to improve reason,
every roler-coaster to improve speed and efficiency….

Carpe Diem  !!!

---  Riette (November 1998)

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