Thursday, October 21, 2010

The Cares of this World

I've been reading and pondering the parable of the sower (Mark 4:1-23) recently and it has really struck me that currently I'm falling into the second and third categories.
Here is my summary of the facts in the parable:

I've placed myself in the second category, because I do get very excited when I listen to a sermon or read a book and learn a new truth about God's Word. I try to apply the newly acquired truth to my life, but I quickly forget about it as I go through my day or week. Within a few days I can't even remember what it was that had me so fired up.

The third category refers to the "weeds" of this world. There are so much distraction today with the television, the internet, responsibilities as mother, wife, and homemaker, financial concerns, hobbies and other pursuits. I feel that instead of all these things simplifying my life and making it easier, it is only complicating it more and more, filling my days and my mind so that it squeezes out the most important aspect of my life - my relationship with my Creator.

I want to be "fertile soil" and I'm coming to the renewed realization that fertile soil takes work, dedication, cultivation and discipline. The desire to BE fertile soil is not going to ensure that I AM. I must take the time to study the Word, meditate on it, ponder how I can apply it to my life and seek God's guidance in everyday situations.

Location where the seed fell
The result
On the path/road that was hardened by many people walking there.
The birds came to eat it.
The person doesn't really pay attention to what is spoken or read, but is distracted.
On rocky ground with shallow soil.
The seed sprang up but was quickly scorched by the sun.
The person gets excited about the Word, but then forgets quickly, especially when things get tough.
Among the weeds.
It was choked by all the overgrowth and weeds.
The person also gets excited, but is so distracted and busy with worldly things, material things, and their own activities, that the Word is pushed out by everything else in that person's life.
Fertile soil.
It grew and produced fruit, 20x, 30x and some 100x.
The person hears the word and it bears fruit in their life, because they cultivate it, mediate on it and live it every day.

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